Silicone Allergy overview symptoms treatment & diagnosis

Silicone Allergy.


Silicon is the byproduct that is used in almost all products that are for the personal use of any person. And many other items also which are for our daily use. Although the symptoms of silicone allergy are rare if we use it repeatedly then it can cause anaphylaxis shock. The first allergic reaction due to the use of silicon was reported due to the use of silicon in silicone implants. Another allergic reaction was caused to a 10-year-old student in which he felt itching on different parts of the body and redness as well. The reaction was also reported using a nasogastric tube.

The people who are allergic and sensitive to silicon material when use and touch these silicon products daily then the immune system of their body reacts harshly and then releases antibodies also. As a result, the reaction of chemicals stimulates. Then they will experience different symptoms of allergy.

Symptoms of Silicon Allergy.

The Symptoms of silicone Allergy can include the Following.

  • Feeling of Irritation or itchiness on the skin.
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Swelling on the throat.
  • Watery or itchy eyes
  • Swelling on different body parts
  • Redness or rashes.
  • Swelling on Legs.
  • Anaphylactic (severe Symptom)

Treatment of silicone Allergy.

If you are allergic to silicone, then you must treat it carefully. Like all other kinds of Allergies. And consult with an allergist or a doctor immediately. The allergist or doctor can recommend you the following treatments.

  • Clearance of airway.

You should make sure that your airway is clear by consulting with an allergist or doctor.

Medications. The doctor can suggest you have some corticosteroids or antihistamines. If you are affected by an allergic reaction, then you should take them immediately. To get relief from the allergic symptoms. you must follow the instructions of the doctor to get relief from the reaction.

  • Hydration.

If there is some delay in medication, then you should keep yourself hydrated.

The reaction of silicone is rare, and there is less chance of getting affected by silicone, proper checkups must be done before undergoing any big or serious surgery.

This uploaded image is the indication of Silicon Allergy
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Diagnosis of silicone Allergy.

Anyone who is experiencing a reaction from silicone must consult with the doctor or an allergist for proper treatment of the reaction. For confirmation of the allergic reaction, the allergist will perform a skin prick test. When the allergic reaction is confirmed then the affected person must stay away from it. Avoidance from the Allergic reaction is the best way for proper treatment of the reaction. Different products for personal use which even contains silicone in small amount must be avoided. Before buying or using any products check the ingredients which are mentioned on the backside of the product.

What to avoid?

Following is the list of products that contain silicon, and which must be avoided for use for the person who is affected by the allergic reaction.

  • Garnier products like shine and sleek leaves.
  • Chicks mixed leaves.
  • Some herbals which are used for a long term relationship.
  • Moisture lock
  • Conditioner of TIGI bed which is self-absorbed.
  • Some herbals which are Twisted