Papaya Allergy overview symptoms treatment & diagnosis


Different people can suffer from papaya allergy Who are already suffering from other food allergies as well? This type of reaction occurs when the immune system of the body finds proteins. Which are found in the skin mostly. Which can create certain antibodies in the human body. Which can cause various symptoms

Papaya can be very effective for cancer and dengue patients as can be very helpful in controlling both diseases.

Symptoms of papaya Allergy. 

Symptoms of papaya allergy occur as soon as any person eats it. The symptoms can be mild or severe also. But if the symptoms are severe then they can also be the cause of death of an affected person. Common symptoms include the following.

  • Irritation in the throat or mouth.
  • Itching in the throat.
  • Swelling on lips.
  • Swelling of the throat.
  • Difficulty in breathing.

If you feel that your throat is swelled, then you should consult an allergist or doctor for immediate treatment.

Treatment of papaya Allergy.

The best treatment for this allergic reaction is to avoid eating papaya. It can be in cooked form also. But before eating it. You must consult with your allergist or a doctor for a better consultation. If you feel mild symptoms after eating papaya, then different antihistamines are available across the counter very easily. Which can be very helpful in providing relief from the symptoms.

 but if you are experiencing a severe allergic reaction. Then you will have to use an injection. Which is known as epinephrine, to stop your symptoms from any further reaction.  

This uploaded image is the incication of papaya allergy

Diagnosis of papaya Allergy.

If you feel that you are suffering from papaya allergy. then you should immediately consult with an allergist or a doctor to diagnose the disease properly. Give the detail of your symptoms to an allergist or doctor. With your daily diet plan also. Then the allergist will conduct your skin test. The allergist will prick the skin with the help of a needle.

 and will put the suspected substance on your skin. Then he will watch your skin reaction. Or a bump if it occurs. The doctor will then watch the reaction or bump on the skin if any. The allergist can also conduct your blood test. To check the types of antibodies which are caused due to allergic reactions. These antibodies are then mixed with blood. due to which the allergic reaction is caused.

 about 40 percent of patients who have a latex allergy are also allergic to papaya and other food allergies. Fruits from which different people are allergic other than papaya include. Peach mango kiwi and pineapple as well. The department of health of America also provides the list of several fruits which include carrot hazelnuts


Papaya is a very delicious fruit. And it also has economic significance in the various parts of the world. And it is grown on a perennial tree. Which grows from 2 to 10 meters high. Which contains large palmate leaves. Its origin was started from central America. But now it is very popular in most tropical regions of the world. Medium size papaya contains a large number of vitamins and minerals. The papaya has about 120 calories and about 30 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of protein in it. Papaya is very beneficial for

  • Skin.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Digestion.
  • The health of bones.
  • Fighting with asthma.
  • Cancer.